Slip Cases are essentially a product tray slid inside of a five sided box. They’ve become very popular in the packaging world due to their practicality and sleekness. Your product is stored safely and your brand is displayed prominently inside of Rose Packaging’s Slip Case closures!

Slip Cases are also great for books. Our Custom Book Slip Cases give you more room to customize and improve the look of your book. The sleeve also adds protection--so your pages and spine stay crisp for longer. With glossy lamination options available (as well as matte and soft touch) and varying printing options, our Custom Book Slip Cases can really make your book stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re showcasing a new edition or just getting their attention, our Custom Book Slip Cases are sure to get your book in their hands.

Customization Options:

On the inside, you choose how your product is stored. We can use a thermoformed tray or a die cut foam or paper insert. Whatever you pick, you’ll get a snug fit for your product--and you decide exactly how the materials look.

On the outside, you choose the printing style (digital printing, offset printing, or silk screening) and the lamination style (gloss, matte, or soft touch). We can also add an emboss or deboss, foil stamp, or spot lamination to your packaging. Whatever your vision, let Rose Packaging help you make it a reality.