Looking to house content for your audiobook or digital coursework? Look no further than Rose Packaging’s Custom Literature Packaging. These vinyl packages can hold a book and multiple disk. They’re perfect for getting your product on thee shelves of big-box stores, bookstores, and libraries! Best of all, they’re completely customizable. Let Rose Packaging build the perfect solution for your business!


Our Custom Literature Packaging offers you plethora of options to ensure your exact needs are met. On the outside, choose the color of the vinyl (black or white *) and the style of printing used for your artwork—digital, offset, or silk screen. Next, configure the inside of the packaging; add pockets, binder rings, and more. We can also duplicate your disks and add artwork to them, as well as print your literature. Let Rose Packaging create your next Literature Packaging Solution!

*Colored vinyl options can be made available