Rose Packaging is named for its founder and acting president, Rob Rose. He brings with him a sweeping body of knowledge regarding packaging and innovation that spans across more than forty years. Early in his career, Rob Rose made innovations in vinyl audio cassette and 8 track packaging. He went on to invent the famous Disney Clamshell style of vinyl VHS packaging. In 1981, Rose designed packaging for an IBM PC that would later become the industry standard. He’s penchant for innovation built him a name in the industry.

Rose Packaging carries on this desire to innovate by providing customers with access to best-in-industry design experts and a global supply chain that makes just about anything possible. Today’s customers enjoy the benefits of Rose’s long lasting relationships with both domestic and overseas manufacturing partners as well as our team’s high level of experience and expertise on packaging trends and history. We offer a transparent process that meets state and federal guidelines and we work hand-in-hand with customers across the entire development cycle. We strive to provide efficiency across every stage of the design, development, and manufacturing of every product we create. Rose Packaging continues to set a tone for the industry by innovating packaging solutions for companies like IBM, Xerox, Kelly-Moore, Johnson & Johnson, Glidden Paint, American Lighting, RR Donnelly, Veritiv, and many many more.

We are committed to remaining competitive and providing unmatched services to our customers. We aim to surpass the expectations of our customers in every possible regard—from delivery to production to product quality. Rose Packaging believes in giving its customers an edge—by providing the most comprehensive solutions in the most effective ways.
What can Rose Packaging innovate for you?