The “D Ring” option is named after its shape.  There two variations of this option: a Straight D and an Angle D.  The styles are simply a matter of personal preference. D Ring mechanisms can also be paired with boosters; but they work without as well.   Typically, D Rings are paired with one flat sheet lifter; however, there are many other configurations to choose from as well.

Round Rigs are a very customizable option for binders.   You can choose between a standard 3 ring or a 6 ring memo style.  There are a wide variety of size options to choose form and you can also decide on a booster mechanism to ease the opening and closing of the rings.  A round ring mechanism is typically paired with two curved sheet lifters.


To figure out the best Ring size for your project, refer to the chart below.  This chart will tell you how many sheets of paper you can expect to hold with each ring size.   Ring sizes are based on capacity—not on spine size. For example, if you order a 1 inch ring, the ring will hold 1 inch of literature, but your spine will measure out to be 1 3/8”.   Also note, we do offer sizes beyond the scope of this chart!