Multimedia Presentations with CD Binders

Multimedia presentations include some mix of content. They can be tricky to bring together, but Rose Packaging (Colorado) can handle the job with ease with our CD binders.

Many media kits combine paper and print elements along with video and audio clips, product samples, and other materials. Custom CD binders, or other kinds of binders, are the most versatile way to bring it all together. Binders and CDs are a great leave-behind piece for potential clients. In addition, they can also act as portfolios for displaying work and promote your business in a variety of other ways. Even better: these kinds of binders also cost efficient with quick turnaround time!

How CD Binders Meet Your Market Needs


Rose Packaging CD binders have flexible options. They can be truly unique to your organization. For example, you can customize the binder with your organization's branding quickly and easily. Interchangeable and cost effective, these binders are truly versatile.

Protection & Organization

Keeping materials in order is a must for any media kit or multimedia binder. Sturdy thermoformed plastic is a high-quality way to keep products safe and sound.


The most defining feature of any multimedia presentation kit should be how unique it is. Entice users to learn more means thinking outside of the box. Design a kit that is creative and engaging. But it should still convey your business appropriately.

CD binders

Scenario Design for CD Binders

Packaging for marketing materials comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The key is to create the right packaging for the product. Rose Packaging can create something for every occasion. But for customers who are looking for cost effective and fast media packaging, our CD binders can't be beat. With a professional look, personalized options and built-in protection, it's a great option for any company.