Packaging a Fan Experience

When you go to a professional sports event (okay, think back to pre-Covid times), what do you remember about the fan experience? How is it possible to mimic it via packaging?

Expectations and times are changing regarding what sports fans expect when they attend a professional event.  Here in Colorado, with Empower Field at Mile High, Coors Field, and others, it’s clear that our stadiums are geared towards the fans.  We’ve upped our game, and the team staff have worked to create unique experiences for every attendee. And it’s possible to to convey that same kind of experience even off the field.

Boxing Up a Fan Experience with Packagingfan experience packaging

Designing a package to share the experience of live sports is a tall order, but it is possible. Here is an example of how any sports organization can create an extraordinary off-the-field experience.

Think of it as a Game Day Experience Kit. What objects could help share the in-person experience? Is there a big tailgating culture around your team, or are there specific colors or visuals at every game? Consider creating a cocktail kit, tailored to the nth degree for the tailgaters. It could hold custom glasses, and a cocktail shaker. Create unique hats in your team colors, a noisemaker to bring the game home. The possibilities are endless.

And the experience doesn’t stop with the box itself. The offset printing and matte laminated wrap are signposts to any Hawkeye fan, and upon opening it up, consumers have a fun display that works with any game. It’s a great example of a thoughtful fan experience. Swipe through the pictures to see what we mean.

Ready for the Big Game

We’ve been home for quite a while waiting out the coronavirus, fans have started emerging and attending games again. Whether the winter brings another bubble or otherwise, you can still package up the fan fun and send them something to brighten the season. Reach out to us today to talk sports!

Options for Packaging Customization

Personalizing items is more than tradition for people. It's a trend that goes back centuries. From the emperors of Rome to the Neanderthals, mankind has desired to put their unique stamp on their projects (or cave walls, as it were). And that desire hasn't decreased a bit over time. It continues today in the arena of packaging customization.

Customizing your organization's packaging can be intense. Maybe not gladiator-in-the-colisuem intense, but it's full of decisions that deserve consideration. An organization's branding can determine some aspects. However,  the rest is wide open and dependent on budget, expectations, and intent.  And that takes time. Rest assured, though, because Rose Packaging can help.

packaging customization

Packaging Customization Ideas

So what kinds of customization options are there? Here's a few ideas that we think you'll give a *thumbs up*:

  • Box design
    Magnetic closure? Slide lids? Gate fold tops? There are a lot of different ways to design a box, and we can help you determine the best options.
  • Printing
    Using multiple colors? Just one color? It all affects cost and final impression.
  • Lamination
    Wrapping the box in lamination adds to the overall experience. Whether you go with something silky-smooth or a little more textured, there are subtle messages sent every time.
  • Decorations
    From embossing, debossing, foil stamping and more, decorations add the sparkle. Literally.

Check out our archives for examples on some of our favorite projects.

More is More

At Rose Packaging (Colorado), we have a few ideas that we go by when it comes to package design. Some of them might go against conventional wisdom. For example: the idea that "less is more" isn't always true. Because when it comes to packaging, we feel that it's more appropriate to say that more is more.

Wondering why that is? When you take advantage of more packaging customization, it simply brings more to the table. Let us help you define what your packaging strategy should be. Contact our team today to talk about packaging customization options.