Marketing Kit Design at Rose Packaging

Marketing kit design is something we do well at Rose Packaging.  These types of projects have different names depending on the industry. But, if you're looking for information on an advertising kit, media kit, or other types of kits, the same principles apply.

In general, these types of presentation packaging have the same purpose. And that is to share information. If the goal is telling people about your brand, your business, or otherwise, then a marketing kit is a great way to manage your image.

Elements of Marketing Kit Design

There are a few basics that should be integrated into any information sharing effort via any marketing kit. These are our ideas to help figure out how to arrange content from Xtensio.  And we'll take control of the package design so you can focus on the information design!

  • Overview and summary.
    Make sure that you provide a cursory overview of your company in plain language. This is something that a news or media outlet can reuse in their format. Check this often to ensure that the contacts are current!
  • Press releases with milestones and accomplishments.
    Let your track record speak for itself. Include information on accolades received alongside major mentions of your company's growth.
  • Consider visualizations.
    Graphs showing market share, charts of organizational reach, or more make your kit better. By looking for ways to cut down on words and literally "show" information, you can amp up your marketing kit.

It's important to keep your marketing kit and related materials as current as possible. Remember to update new contact information as well as with any new awards or mentions. These are materials that should be designed as interchangeable over time.  This kind of information can change frequently. Which is why the container for these materials should be crafted with change in mind. And that's where you benefit from our expertise.

marketing kit

A More Malleable Marketing Kit

As you can see, Rose Packaging has a lot of experience in creating marketing kits. From three ring binder styles to front open boxes to portfolios and beyond, all are part of our catalog. We can help you decide how to create a packaging design that will stand the test of time. And the test of new information!