Designing a Catalog Binder That Sells

Catalog production might feel like a relic from history. From memories of the giant Sears catalog (also know as the Big Book Catalog), filling the mailbox with the ridiculous range of products to more modern, slimmer catalogs that usually focused specifically on a particular product, or theme. When you think about it, catalogs are really just movable showrooms for products. That’s why using a catalog binder is a great idea – it’s literally for protecting your product showroom.

A Catalog Binder to Weather All Usescatalog binder

Catalog binders are a great companion to any kind of document or set of materials that are presented to multiple people. The most obvious reason is, of course, prolonging the life of these documents. A turned edge binder uses rigid chipboard to ensure the longevity of the product, more than what a simple vinyl binder would offer.  Think of your homework days… What would better protect your assignments in their binders?

In addition to protection, these binders also offer elements of customization. Rose Packaging offers a variety of printing styles. Offset printing, screen printing, foil stamping and more are just a few of the methods available. Some organizations also opt to simply have a sleeve on either sides of the binder. This allows them to swap out covers as they want or need as branding or marketing strategy changes.

Custom Binder Versatility

There are many different ways in which you can choose to customize a binder. From the closure rings to the print options and more, Sunrise Packaging can create something that is one-of-a-kind to go along with your products. We can’t promise that it’ll induce the nostalgia of the Sears catalog. But it will create a different, positive impression for your customers.

When you’re ready to dive a little deeper in the catalog binder options, give us a call. Our team is ready to help!