Vintage-Inspired Design 

The term ‘vintage’ can bring to mind a lot of things when it comes to packaging.   From the bright primary colors and cartoon-clad faces of cereal boxes in 1990’s to the decorative fonts and paper labels of an old tyme shaving kit.  The important thing to consider when attempting this style of packaging design is whether or not your packaging feels authentic.   Well designed vintage styles evoke.  When done right, vintage designs can bring customers back to the times of their youth and inspire positive feelings about the product being offered. 


Minimalism has been a growing movement in design for quite some time and it’s not going away any time soon.   Sleek, simple shapes featuring a single color and a large, sans serif font give packaging a modern, functional feel.   Letting go of the frills and and flowery swirls of a more decorative design puts your product at the forefront.   When done correctly, minimalist packaging can give your product an aesthetic that is both striking and luxurious. 

Sustainable Packaging

Today’s consumers are becoming more and more concerned with the environmental impact of their purchases.   Recyclable packaging made from recycled materials in environmentally conscious factories can win you big points with consumers.   These techniques can be applied to the other styles of packaging that we’ve mentioned or they can take center stage.   Using nude recycled cardboards and putting your company’s commitment to sustainability centerstage can do an excellent job grabbing customers’ attention. 


If minimalism feels a bit too… minimal for you, why not throw in a gradient?   Gradients are a great way to add some color to your packaging while still maintaining a sleek, modern 2019 look.   Whether you’re using a subtle gray, light to dark gradient or a more bold and vibrant color shift, gradients are a great way to add depth to your packaging.  Plus they look great on and stand out in online market places. 

4 Packaging Trends for 2019