Luxury packaging is about more than just high-end products.

When we think about the word 'luxury,' you can probably imagine certain kinds of items. Watches. Jewelry. Perfume and cologne. And many more. But in reality, the core elements of luxury packaging are part of everyday items. Oftentimes in places that might surprise you. Medical and healthcare packaging is one area that frequently utilizes some of the key elements of high end packaging.

luxury packaging

Luxury Packaging in Everyday Things

When you think about it, it's not so surprising that medical and healthcare boxes are similar to luxurious packaging. These items are generally expensive--like the products we mentioned above--and need careful and innovative packaging to maintain their integrity. A watch packaged with a fluffy cushion in a hard case looks attractive, but also needs that protection to stay safe. The same goes for many medical devices.  If you've ever purchased an oxygen monitor, for example, it's packaging is similar to Apple Airpods!

There are other aspects to luxury packaging that find their way into everyday items. Things like embossed seals or a particular wrap on a box are small decorations that can evoke a high end feeling.

Rose Packaging uses high end packaging principles in creating many pieces.  Things like soft touch lamination and offset printing create an approachable impression full of soothing stability. Other additions, like a thermoformed tray or foam inserts, keep items safe and secure in place.  These are elements that wouldn't be out of place in a box holding designer perfume. Luxury is more than a price point at Rose Packaging. It's an equalizer.

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Luxury Packaging is for Everyone