Packaging as a Brand Investment

Making a brand investment is a great way to bring value to your organization. And we'd argue that one of the most effective implementations is through customized packaging.

Packaging covers a wide area, we know. It might be a product your organization sells that needs a rebrand. It could be your new employee materials need a new binder. At Rose Packaging, we can help craft a wide variety of packaging solutions. We'll integrate your branding into our design to help you create a cohesive look for internal as well as external packages.

Investing in Packaging is a Brand Investment

Brands and packaging styles are both subject to trends. Think of the change in how businesses present themselves over the past decade. We're seeing tons of minimalism, flat colors, badge logos, sans serif fonts. And the list goes on. If your brand isn't using jumping on these trends, or simply isn't as dynamic as it could be, a brand investment could be a wise focus for your company.

Whatever path forward you choose, a brand revamp needs to be reflected in your company's packaging. Internal and external. It's an important way to market the organization to customers. It also helps your employees feel invested in the new brand elements. Rose Packaging can help facilitate this refresh in multiple ways.

brand investment

What Does Your Brand Tell People?

A brand investment is a packaging refresh. At Rose Packaging, we can help you redesign or maybe completely redo boxes. We can suggest and implement high end finishing touches, or reprint in a new color palette and typefaces. Whatever is encompassed in your revised brand, let us figure out how it affects your packaging needs.  We'll ensure that your new packaging stands out in the crowd (or on the shelf, depending on your product's placement).

Ready to talk refresh? Reach out the the team today!

Binder Box Uses

Packaging can be a bit of a hidden art form. It's always present in multiple forms in your life. But, when it's done well, we don't notice it. That's the mark of great packaging: when opening, carrying or just using it is so intuitive, we don't even realize how easy it is. But on the flip side, we immediately notice when something is not easy to open or carry or use. And that's the case with a binder or binder box.

A three ring binder is a pretty straightforward device. We need it when we need it. We take it for granted when it's sturdy and made to withstand usage. But when it falls apart--especially after just a few uses--we notice it. That's why we're focused on not being associated with bad binders.

binder box

Designing a Durable Binder Box

Investing in quality binders is the top way to avoid being associated with bad binders. Want to be the organization that people remember for great binders? Use a binder box.

A binder box uses a tray with the metal rings attached. The classic binder style uses a magnetic flap to keep the entire thing enclosed, and the inserts firmly in place. It's a great tool not only for marketing, but for weathering the elements as well. Think of it as useful on a construction site or in a shop. Blueprints, receipts, timesheets, and more can be kept securely in one place. Additionally, this type of packaging can be fully printed and customized to your needs. Whatever colors, watermark, logo, and other branding needs you might have can be included.

The binder box lends itself well to a variety of industries outside of construction. And it's not limited to work sites or marketing presentations. It's great for training materials and classroom use, to keep syllabuses in order while giving you the ability to take notes and add your own materials. Basically, no matter what your business is, there's a business use for the binder box.

Teaching, training, project management, and beyond. The binder box can make your life easier and the lives of your employees and customers. Get a quote and get started with your binder design today.

Luxury Packaging is for Everyone

Luxury packaging is about more than just high-end products.

When we think about the word 'luxury,' you can probably imagine certain kinds of items. Watches. Jewelry. Perfume and cologne. And many more. But in reality, the core elements of luxury packaging are part of everyday items. Oftentimes in places that might surprise you. Medical and healthcare packaging is one area that frequently utilizes some of the key elements of high end packaging.

luxury packaging

Luxury Packaging in Everyday Things

When you think about it, it's not so surprising that medical and healthcare boxes are similar to luxurious packaging. These items are generally expensive--like the products we mentioned above--and need careful and innovative packaging to maintain their integrity. A watch packaged with a fluffy cushion in a hard case looks attractive, but also needs that protection to stay safe. The same goes for many medical devices.  If you've ever purchased an oxygen monitor, for example, it's packaging is similar to Apple Airpods!

There are other aspects to luxury packaging that find their way into everyday items. Things like embossed seals or a particular wrap on a box are small decorations that can evoke a high end feeling.

Rose Packaging uses high end packaging principles in creating many pieces.  Things like soft touch lamination and offset printing create an approachable impression full of soothing stability. Other additions, like a thermoformed tray or foam inserts, keep items safe and secure in place.  These are elements that wouldn't be out of place in a box holding designer perfume. Luxury is more than a price point at Rose Packaging. It's an equalizer.

Learn more about how we can use luxury elements to level up your packaging efforts!

Documentation Boxes: Best of Both Worlds

Documentation is a far-reaching word. It can refer to the work of tech writers working on medical devices. Writing instructions in the tech industry. It could be documentation for a house purchase, or financial advising. New employee onboarding usually includes some documentation. Think something Human Resources-related, or processes of the organization. As much as we enjoy the convenience of accessing things online, paper isn't going anywhere.  And when you need to organize those papers, documentation boxes are the solution.

At Rose Packaging, our documentation boxes can be customized in a million different ways. In one popular iteration, we combine a binder, with its efficient ring design, and embed it in a magnetic box. It's dual functionality and provides immense value to our customers. And it's just the beginning.

Using Documentation Boxes

One popular use for documentation boxes is for inter-organizational communication.  They can also take the form of sample kits. In this use, binders hold documentation as necessary alongside other materials that this organization shares amongst their employees. It allows their team to easily carry multiple pieces of collateral without the hassle of loose sheets or oddly-shaped materials. It also creates a single, clean resource point for any other constituents, or a kind of presentation packaging. In the example to the side, the slip case adds an element of protection to the binder. It also adds more real estate for custom content.

This is just one application of this style of boxes. Other industries that can utilize documentation boxes include education, financial, medical companies and more. For all of these folks, it's about functionality and ease of use. And with the ability to craft custom inserts, dynamic graphics and more, every documentation box is 100% unique to the client.

documentation boxes

Marketing Meets Storage

It's not often that we see a storage box that can work as a marketing piece, too. But that's exactly the balance you can strike with our documentation boxes. It's just another example of innovative packaging, the kind we love to create.

As you can see, this packaging style is customizable in many ways. Need a foam insert? Want embossing on the side? Not sure how to make it work but interested to learn more? Whatever your questions or specifications might be, our team is ready to chat. Contact us now!

Packaging a Fan Experience

When you go to a professional sports event (okay, think back to pre-Covid times), what do you remember about the fan experience? How is it possible to mimic it via packaging?

Expectations and times are changing regarding what sports fans expect when they attend a professional event.  Here in Colorado, with Empower Field at Mile High, Coors Field, and others, it’s clear that our stadiums are geared towards the fans.  We’ve upped our game, and the team staff have worked to create unique experiences for every attendee. And it’s possible to to convey that same kind of experience even off the field.

Boxing Up a Fan Experience with Packagingfan experience packaging

Designing a package to share the experience of live sports is a tall order, but it is possible. Here is an example of how any sports organization can create an extraordinary off-the-field experience.

Think of it as a Game Day Experience Kit. What objects could help share the in-person experience? Is there a big tailgating culture around your team, or are there specific colors or visuals at every game? Consider creating a cocktail kit, tailored to the nth degree for the tailgaters. It could hold custom glasses, and a cocktail shaker. Create unique hats in your team colors, a noisemaker to bring the game home. The possibilities are endless.

And the experience doesn’t stop with the box itself. The offset printing and matte laminated wrap are signposts to any Hawkeye fan, and upon opening it up, consumers have a fun display that works with any game. It’s a great example of a thoughtful fan experience. Swipe through the pictures to see what we mean.

Ready for the Big Game

We’ve been home for quite a while waiting out the coronavirus, fans have started emerging and attending games again. Whether the winter brings another bubble or otherwise, you can still package up the fan fun and send them something to brighten the season. Reach out to us today to talk sports!

How Binders Aid Retention

Learning and retention are hot topics for any trainer, but less so for professionals whose primary role focuses on something else. Typically, the human resources department of an organization is tasked with ensuring that employees know. There are many methods to utilize when creating training materials. Sometimes, organizations focus on the format in which the materials are handed out and less so on the quality of the products. This is where our turned edge binders can improve the quality of new employee onboarding.

Turned edge binders are ideal for HR trainings for a few reasons. When an employee wants or needs information on something specific, it’s not very likely that they will search through a learning module for the information. The ability to pick up a quality binder and quickly flip to the information is much more useful. Turned edge binders also provide a tactile experience. For some learning styles, this helps with retention.

Binders Support Adult Learningbinders aid retention

Some things which HR departments need to consider when creating materials include these facts about adult learning:

  1. Adult learning is autonomous
    Adults are old enough to make their own decisions, right? So when learning, they need to feel the freedom to make their own choices. This is where giving them the option to skip and return to modules as well as go at their own pace (electronically or via the turned edge binders) is an important aspect to training.
  2. Incorporating knowledge and life experiences increases retention
    Being able to connect past experiences and knowledge base with new things helps things *stick*. Trainings which can pull out relevant experiences not only interest attendees (because they can relate) but also helps them frame the knowledge.
  3. Keep things goal-oriented
    Building on the previous two tips: in order to keep employees on task and engaged through their experiences, it’s important that lessons have a goal or have a clear outcome. In order to maximize the learning potential, it’s important to set timeframes for completion. Providing hard cover binders alongside an e-module turns into an open-book test of sorts, which eases anxiety.
  4. Learning should be relevant and practical
    Make it clear how these lessons tie in to their productivity or ability to do their job better. Additionally, using examples which help ground theoretical concepts helps enhance understanding.

Turned edge binders have a longer shelf life and tend to be more durable. Customers can easily make these binders their own as the covers can be printed digitally or offset to match your organization’s branding. Add ins, like pockets and adhesive trays, also increase their functionality.

Luxury Real Estate Branded Boxes

The real estate market is incredibly subjective. From trends in color and design to the literal supply and demand of housing, a realtor needs to have a lot of motivation if they want to build a business and make a living. It’s even harder if they’re trying to break into the luxury real estate market. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there, from social media to branded boxes, that can assist realtors in this end goal. But it’s not always the most expected uses that bring the biggest results.

Your New Age Branded Boxesluxury real estate

To wit: of the new tools that realtors are encouraged to utilize is the app Tik Tok. Yup, it’s true. Tik Tok has emerged as a tool for realtors to move high end real estate.

Tik Tok trends change quickly, and it’s not a recommended tool for those who aren’t able to invest the time in keeping up. What it really comes down to is making an impression. They need to be able to stick in customer’s minds beyond the smartphone. And branded boxes are a great option for several reasons.

Luxury branded boxes are able to literally embody the realtor’s brand. Any realtors who want to create a persona that conveys high-end living should be commissioning branded boxes. Photographable and highly shareable, boxes provide opportunities for unlimited exposure. Secondly, using your branded box as a thank you gift to your buyers or sellers ensures that, in addition to the content marketing piece, you’re also going to be talked about with their circles.

It is possible to tap into influencer marketing tactics without engaging with full-on influencers. By creating and sharing things that others will, in turn, share, the impact snowballs. Start an avalanche with your branded boxes from Rose Packaging. We’ve worked with countless luxury brands and know how to create high end packaging. Even on a budget.

Designing a Catalog Binder That Sells

Catalog production might feel like a relic from history. From memories of the giant Sears catalog (also know as the Big Book Catalog), filling the mailbox with the ridiculous range of products to more modern, slimmer catalogs that usually focused specifically on a particular product, or theme. When you think about it, catalogs are really just movable showrooms for products. That’s why using a catalog binder is a great idea – it’s literally for protecting your product showroom.

A Catalog Binder to Weather All Usescatalog binder

Catalog binders are a great companion to any kind of document or set of materials that are presented to multiple people. The most obvious reason is, of course, prolonging the life of these documents. A turned edge binder uses rigid chipboard to ensure the longevity of the product, more than what a simple vinyl binder would offer.  Think of your homework days… What would better protect your assignments in their binders?

In addition to protection, these binders also offer elements of customization. Rose Packaging offers a variety of printing styles. Offset printing, screen printing, foil stamping and more are just a few of the methods available. Some organizations also opt to simply have a sleeve on either sides of the binder. This allows them to swap out covers as they want or need as branding or marketing strategy changes.

Custom Binder Versatility

There are many different ways in which you can choose to customize a binder. From the closure rings to the print options and more, Sunrise Packaging can create something that is one-of-a-kind to go along with your products. We can’t promise that it’ll induce the nostalgia of the Sears catalog. But it will create a different, positive impression for your customers.

When you’re ready to dive a little deeper in the catalog binder options, give us a call. Our team is ready to help!

Options for Packaging Customization

Personalizing items is more than tradition for people. It's a trend that goes back centuries. From the emperors of Rome to the Neanderthals, mankind has desired to put their unique stamp on their projects (or cave walls, as it were). And that desire hasn't decreased a bit over time. It continues today in the arena of packaging customization.

Customizing your organization's packaging can be intense. Maybe not gladiator-in-the-colisuem intense, but it's full of decisions that deserve consideration. An organization's branding can determine some aspects. However,  the rest is wide open and dependent on budget, expectations, and intent.  And that takes time. Rest assured, though, because Rose Packaging can help.

packaging customization

Packaging Customization Ideas

So what kinds of customization options are there? Here's a few ideas that we think you'll give a *thumbs up*:

  • Box design
    Magnetic closure? Slide lids? Gate fold tops? There are a lot of different ways to design a box, and we can help you determine the best options.
  • Printing
    Using multiple colors? Just one color? It all affects cost and final impression.
  • Lamination
    Wrapping the box in lamination adds to the overall experience. Whether you go with something silky-smooth or a little more textured, there are subtle messages sent every time.
  • Decorations
    From embossing, debossing, foil stamping and more, decorations add the sparkle. Literally.

Check out our archives for examples on some of our favorite projects.

More is More

At Rose Packaging (Colorado), we have a few ideas that we go by when it comes to package design. Some of them might go against conventional wisdom. For example: the idea that "less is more" isn't always true. Because when it comes to packaging, we feel that it's more appropriate to say that more is more.

Wondering why that is? When you take advantage of more packaging customization, it simply brings more to the table. Let us help you define what your packaging strategy should be. Contact our team today to talk about packaging customization options.

Multimedia Presentations with CD Binders

Multimedia presentations include some mix of content. They can be tricky to bring together, but Rose Packaging (Colorado) can handle the job with ease with our CD binders.

Many media kits combine paper and print elements along with video and audio clips, product samples, and other materials. Custom CD binders, or other kinds of binders, are the most versatile way to bring it all together. Binders and CDs are a great leave-behind piece for potential clients. In addition, they can also act as portfolios for displaying work and promote your business in a variety of other ways. Even better: these kinds of binders also cost efficient with quick turnaround time!

How CD Binders Meet Your Market Needs


Rose Packaging CD binders have flexible options. They can be truly unique to your organization. For example, you can customize the binder with your organization's branding quickly and easily. Interchangeable and cost effective, these binders are truly versatile.

Protection & Organization

Keeping materials in order is a must for any media kit or multimedia binder. Sturdy thermoformed plastic is a high-quality way to keep products safe and sound.


The most defining feature of any multimedia presentation kit should be how unique it is. Entice users to learn more means thinking outside of the box. Design a kit that is creative and engaging. But it should still convey your business appropriately.

CD binders

Scenario Design for CD Binders

Packaging for marketing materials comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The key is to create the right packaging for the product. Rose Packaging can create something for every occasion. But for customers who are looking for cost effective and fast media packaging, our CD binders can't be beat. With a professional look, personalized options and built-in protection, it's a great option for any company.