Packaging can be a bit of a hidden art form. It's always present in multiple forms in your life. But, when it's done well, we don't notice it. That's the mark of great packaging: when opening, carrying or just using it is so intuitive, we don't even realize how easy it is. But on the flip side, we immediately notice when something is not easy to open or carry or use. And that's the case with a binder or binder box.

A three ring binder is a pretty straightforward device. We need it when we need it. We take it for granted when it's sturdy and made to withstand usage. But when it falls apart--especially after just a few uses--we notice it. That's why we're focused on not being associated with bad binders.

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Designing a Durable Binder Box

Investing in quality binders is the top way to avoid being associated with bad binders. Want to be the organization that people remember for great binders? Use a binder box.

A binder box uses a tray with the metal rings attached. The classic binder style uses a magnetic flap to keep the entire thing enclosed, and the inserts firmly in place. It's a great tool not only for marketing, but for weathering the elements as well. Think of it as useful on a construction site or in a shop. Blueprints, receipts, timesheets, and more can be kept securely in one place. Additionally, this type of packaging can be fully printed and customized to your needs. Whatever colors, watermark, logo, and other branding needs you might have can be included.

The binder box lends itself well to a variety of industries outside of construction. And it's not limited to work sites or marketing presentations. It's great for training materials and classroom use, to keep syllabuses in order while giving you the ability to take notes and add your own materials. Basically, no matter what your business is, there's a business use for the binder box.

Teaching, training, project management, and beyond. The binder box can make your life easier and the lives of your employees and customers. Get a quote and get started with your binder design today.

Binder Box Uses
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